Seon's Freedom

by Lisa Daniels

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A secret no one should know. A secret that will get her killed. Right until Artiz finds her…

In a world that condemns magic wielded by humans, Seon has that ability. It’s not an impressive one to her, but it’s enough to get her killed, should the wyrms find out about it. She practises in secret, wanting to discover her true potential. Unfortunately, wyrms patrol the town she works in, and it’s only a matter of time before she has to flee – or be discovered and killed.

Enter Artiz. He’s visiting the town to see a friend, and he scents the magic emanating from her soul. Instantly, he barges in, intending to persuade her by any means necessary to come with him. After all, he comes from a place in the mountains where they teach magic. And he’s supposed to help scout talent, and whisk them away from the claws of the wyrms that would kill them.

He just didn’t expect her to be so beautiful as well…