The Shade Amulet

by Andrea Pearson

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Who’s more dangerous—the brooding, attractive man she’s partnered with or the things they’re hunting?

Lizzie Ashton thought being a professional Fire Impeder was dangerous, but stopping bombs and fires before they start is nothing compared to her new job. She didn’t expect to end up hunting evil creatures that consume their victims in flame. But she also didn’t expect Abel, an intense man she’d worked with before, to storm back into her life.

Abel needs help with a dangerous task that only Lizzie can do. She hesitates to accept his job offer, as what little she knows of his dark past frightens her, despite their moments of attraction. But when the Shade Amulet is placed in her care and she’s extended the huge responsibility of stopping evil, immortal creatures, she’s forced to put aside her misgivings and partner up with him. But the task seems as impossible as it is deadly. Is this job worth her life?

The Shade Amulet is the first in a new urban fantasy series by award-winning and bestselling author Andrea Pearson. If you enjoy edge-of-your-seat fantasy action, slightly snarky humor, and a hint of romance, you’ll love the first book in the pulse-pounding Koven Chronicles.