What I Want

by Patricia Kennedy

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What I want and what I need are two very different things and thanks to one night out with my best friend my wants head in a particularly new direction. One that I know is all too tempting and one that I know will spin my world away from the needs required of me. This want is a tall glass of oh too much sexiness, too much cockiness and way too much bad boy that I know in order to keeps my wits about myself, he needs to be kept at arm's length. The tricky part is wanting to.
She's witty, challenging and the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes on and being a night club owner I've seen my share. I know there's more to her that meets the eye but I'm determined to know exactly what it is. What I also didn't know is that what I wanted would make me feel so high no drug could compare and yet so low that hell had nothing on the agony I endured.
Now they both have to figure out if it was worth it in the end to get what they wanted.