Found In You

by Patricia Kennedy

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His piercing emeralds enrapture me, his beautifully sculpted lips take my breath away and his love for me seizes me entirely but the depth of his inner strength is something I worry about when he looks at me. I know my past can never be erased but the fact that it is now going to be apart of our future is a daunting reality since it's now ever constant..
And so when our future looked so bright and full of technicolor it seemed as if we'd finally overcome the hell of my horrid flashbacks and the obvious reminder of what my past instilled in me that when my world disintegrated beneath my feet it felt as if I was drowning in the abyss of hell. This made me wonder if I had the strength in me to survive and make it through in one piece and not only for my sake but Alek's too. And given my past I seriously doubted it.