by Patricia Kennedy

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I refuse to be somebody's ATM.
I refuse to be a society ploy.
I refuse to let anyone near my heart.
Because when you lose every member of your family only then to become a target, you trust and love the one's who have known you before it all. Before it all the zero's, the notoriety and the responsibility that changed my life more than ever imaginable. I became a mother.
And just when I didn't think it could change again, making my heart come to a stand still yet once more, an enigma walks into my life.
They call me 'Hermit' for a reason, I can't stand dealing with people. All the money I've made I've done behind closed doors and in the security of only the very few I trust. And you can count the 'few' on one hand because everyone else 'takes'. They take away happiness, purity, the real truth of what really is only to turn it around to taint it, make it ugly only for the benefit of their pocket. And I refuse to let anyone 'take' anything from me, that is until fate decided to have other plans.
A set of plans that involves a woman who refuses to play by any rules other than her own. A woman who only gives and refuses to take all the while she's taken me completely from day one.
And she doesn't know it yet. She will though, very soon.
Will Bryce and Sydney be able to look past what their lives have become, a world of living behind closed doors, protecting themselves from the Hell society brings their way so they can let each other in? Or will everyone and everything stand in their way of happiness, perfection?