Burning Redemption

by Patricia Kennedy

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I told her that my leaving was the right thing to do for both of us even though it felt so wrong. After all everyone knew that she was going to leave the moment she got a chance. I just did it first. Except, when she left I knew she wasn’t coming back. And while she thought she lost me for college I knew I was going to lose her forever.

My Forrest.

My Jane.

My Lex.

My everything.


And it left a gaping hole in not only my heart but my soul, so wide and cavernous it was an infinite abyss.

So I did what any shattered man would do. I went and found myself a Barbie doll named Mia. Who then cheated on me with a ‘family friend’. Needless to say I wrote women off after that.

Until one day I saw a black haired goddess do the one thing only she did. The little tell told me all I needed to know. My Lex is right here. My Jane came back. And just like that the world starting spinning perfectly on it’s axis.

Then I saw her at the store and a few days later at my favorite bar. But then I see her again and decide then that I’m going to do something about this. Because leaving isn’t an option this time for either one of us. She’s the only woman for me and always has been. And the twelve years I’ve been without her has been too fucking long and miserable.

Nothing is going to stop me either. Not even the fact that she married the one person I loathe, the ‘family friend’. She’s my Lex and I will go to the ends of the Earth to prove it to her and that feels so right.