Christmas Daddy Next Door

by Tia Siren


I f*cked my son’s babysitter and now she’s having my baby… for Christmas.

The holidays are always hard for my son and I.
We lost his mother exactly two years ago.
I refused to move on – then came Ella, the babysitter next door.
My son adores her.
I lust after her.
She’s got that vitality and sparkle in her eye that makes me feel alive again.
I know it’s wrong to want her body to console my grief.
But she’s like a drug.
She’ll be back from college again on the holidays.
And this time, she’s bringing a little package in her belly.
But she doesn’t want me in her life.
She says I’m not ready, that I don’t love her.
I’ve got until the new year to prove her wrong.
Hell. I want us to be a family. There’s no way she won’t be mine.
Just for her, I’m going to wrap my heart in a golden box and tie a red ribbon around my soul.
But will she accept my special gift or will I remain a single dad for every Christmas to come?