Souls Untethered

by K.J. McPike

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"I love you all. I'm so sorry."

After her mother disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note behind, strange things started happening to Lali Yavari. She sees visions of people she doesn't know and witnesses violence and secrets. When one of her visions comes to life and the handsome, yet elusive, Kai Awana becomes a new student at her school, Lali thinks she's losing her mind.

Then she discovers a dangerous secret—she can astral project, a form of telepathy that allows her soul to leave her body and travel to dark realities. Kai is willing to make her a deal. He'll help Lali find her mother if Lali uses her abilities to save his sister, who is trapped in Alea, an alternate realm that only Lali can reach.

But Lali isn't a hero. She's a target. Alea's government is looking for people like her to use as experiments in a twisted lab. If Lali's caught, it could mean losing everything...even her own life.

Can Lali learn to control her powers? Or will she be trapped in a dark world she can't escape?

A heart-stopping young adult urban fantasy packed with action, adventure, and plenty of twists, Souls Untethered is an edgy thrill ride that teens will love. This debut by author K.J. McPike will have readers on the edge of their seats and gasping for breath.