Taming Annie

by Samantha Madisen

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Annie is ready to abandon all hope when she gets fired from her job at the brothel before it even begins.
She’s found sobbing in the street outside the establishment by two burly cowboys who want to help.
Annie’s always had trouble controlling her temper and this is no different. Instead of accepting their help she resists and quickly learns what consequences her rudeness will bring. A strict correction over Chet's knee, while painful, arouses Annie in a way she's never known.
Chet and Wyatt are convinced from the moment they lay eyes on Annie that she’s the woman for them. They manage to convince Annie to accept their unusual proposal and become a wife to both of them.
After a shotgun wedding the two men set about teaching Annie exactly what that will entail. Their swift discipline is paired with dominant and masterful lovemaking as they tame Annie's temper and train her to be the wife they've always desired.