Look Fast or Die Slow: A Bruno & Salvanian Novel of Suspense

by David Six

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Bruno & Salvanian are back, but Bruno has run afoul of a brutal killer. Who?

Former Santa Mariana police detective Frank Bruno hasn’t a clue. The murderer’s MO—skinning his victims and carving certain parts of their flesh for his gruesome use—is unlike anything Bruno’s seen in all his years as a cop. The serial killer delights in taunting Bruno—if you call leaving him notes scrawled in the victim’s blood at the murder scenes provocations:

Miss me, Bruno? the killer writes in blood. And as he closes in on Bruno, Not long now!

Bruno’s former partner, Santa Mariana PD Lieutenant Rita “Sally” Salvanian, finds herself in the unusual position of being the grownup in trying to protect Bruno, while making sure he doesn’t do something stupid—like set himself up as bait for the Skinner, as the FBI dubs the murderer.

All this while Bruno tries gently to discourage a gorgeous young stalker who has become enamored with him and will not leave him alone—even after she meets his girlfriend, Emily. And while single-mom Sally gets a surprise—and unwelcome—visit from the father of her six-year-old son, Jamie.

The second book in the “Bruno & Salvanian” series, “Look Fast or Die Slow” dives back into the lives of your favorite dysfunctional investigators as they struggle to catch a serial killer who seemingly cannot be caught. And as the bodies pile up, and Bruno blames himself for triggering the killer to start his vicious spree, Sally wonders if, this time, she will lose Bruno for good!