Immersed in Faerie (Stolen Magic, #4)

by WB McKay

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Sophie Morrigan used to have a simple life. Supervillains, pirates, and friends have pretty well ruined that.

If the Faerie Affairs Bureau knew that Sophie was investigating a respected member of the fae council, she would be out of a job so fast it would make her head spin. Fortunately for the world, her moral compass won't allow her to be derailed.

When her sleuthing uncovers a plot by the supervillain council member to capture the ultimate dangerous magical object, losing her job is the least of her worries. Now she must defeat his team of pirates in a series of deadly challenges while protecting her friends’ lives.

Can Sophie beat the pirates at their own game and secure one of the most powerful objects in history? And if she does what it takes to win, how many of her friends will pay the ultimate price?

The Stolen Magic series features a gutsy, kick-butt heroine, a broody and dangerous hero, and a ton of magical mayhem.