Reaped from Faerie (Stolen Magic, #2)

by WB McKay

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Sophie Morrigan is the daughter of a death goddess, and even she isn’t bold enough to steal from a reaper.

For years, Sophie has enjoyed her job at the Magical Object Division. But since her encounter with The Morrigan on a perilous job that ended with a dragon rescue mission and a massive battle, her boss has handed her every death magic case that crosses his desk.

Her work situation comes to a head when she is tasked with locating a stolen reaper’s scythe. Sophie approaches the assignment with interest before she is bowled over by the news that the thief murdered one of her banshee sisters.

In order to bring her sister justice, Sophie will have to navigate the rough seas of interpersonal relationships, come to terms with her family issues, and battle a witch hellbent on her destruction. If she fails, it could be more than her life on the line, it could cost her soul.

The Stolen Magic series features a gutsy, kick-butt heroine, a broody and dangerous hero, and a ton of magical mayhem.