Dangerous Delights

by Asami Piper

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There’s only room for coffee in Elsa Chung’s heart. She runs the family drug business in New York and, even though she has no real power of her own, she’s settled as a place holder in order to win her father’s affection.

But when the streets are aroused by unknown forces, she's is swept into the madness. As Elsa struggles to find meaning in her life, old wounds come back to haunt her, and it doesn’t help that she’s falling for her only ally.

Lucas Kramer, a single father and an ex-con, is undercover to take down the Chung family business. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine falling in love with his enemy, and now he is torn between keeping his daughter safe and figuring out what to do with his new feelings.

As Elsa and Kramer fight their way out of danger, they fall deeper into the darkness of the city. Caught in a web of betrayal and violence, they struggle to find a truth that will either set them free or wrench them apart.

***Previously published under the title of 'Masters of Delight'***