Bedroom Paparazzi

by Asami Piper

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Coming out of a break up is never easy, especially so for Katie Morrison who’s making waves as a swimsuit model. The paparazzi want to grab as much of her as they possibly can on her rise to stardom, and she’s drowning.

Then she meets Jason Jackson, a bad-boy star basketball player who’s sitting out this season due to his own relationship issues and negative press. Together they hatch a plan to throw the media into a frenzy, and their steamy kiss becomes the biggest scoop of the year.

With all the chaos in their lives, a fake relationship seems perfect. No feelings involved. Nothing physical. Nobody hurt. It was a slam dunk.

Until the line between their fake attraction and real lust starts to blur. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other and uphold their bargain? Or will they give into their desires?