Private Members: A Romantic Comedy

by Jess Whitecroft

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Aspiring political journalist Toby Green has always felt like an outsider. While his dominatrix friend Cerys has spanked, flogged and tied up half of the British ruling class, Toby’s career has reached the point where he’s supplementing his income by writing tentacle erotica. The author of his misfortune – or so he thinks – is Derek Waterhouse MP, aka Derek the Red, shadow cabinet member and sexy young darling of the New Left.

When the kinky, charismatic Derek offers to make amends in the shape of drinks, dinner and rough sex under his desk, Toby finds himself not only in love but moving in the kind of exalted social and political circles he has previously only dreamed about. The two dive into an absorbing and inventive affair, but when an accident brings all of Toby's protective instincts to the fore, Toby begins to worry that maybe he is – as Derek often says – a bit too nice for the backstabbing, rumour-mongering and quid pro quos that make up the daily grind of Westminster.