The Preacher's Naughty Wife: An Erotic Short Story

by Cherry Stryker

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Jenna is bored of being a preacher's wife! She appears to be perfect to her congregation, but there is more going on in her life than her congregation, or her husband would ever guess, just ask Deacon Dave! He knows the sexy secret of how seductive Sister Jenna can be when behind closed doors.

Or, you could ask the sweet busboy at her favorite bistro, who has fantasized about this MILF for half of his life. You could also ask his rougher Swedish cousin, who may or may not taken a turn with her in the men's room while her husband and other church members sat conversing in the dining area.

Does Jenna really do wild, crazy things with these other men? Is there a siren MILF hidden under her prim, church clothes? Does her husband know? If she takes risks in public, is there a chance that she could get caught? Why is this pillar of the community doing all this anyway? Find out all this and more when you read this short story.