Double Upgrade: Her 2 Lovers Saving Touch

by Cherry Stryker

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Amy and her bar owner buddy Trent have been best friends since college. Trent and his cop buddy Ethan have been best friends since childhood. Amy doesn't know that the buds like to share everything with each other, including their women.

Amy also has a secret. Her longtime boyfriend is abusive, and things will come to head as Ethan finds her fighting for her life while on patrol one night. Once Amy is admitted to the ICU, Trent and Ethan decide that she is theirs to protect. Theirs to pleasure. Theirs to love.

Her ex, Dick, doesn't agree with their decision and proceeds to make Amy's life a living hell. All Amy wants is to be free to love her new men and for Dick to leave her alone.

Can Amy find happiness? Can she get a double upgrade from Dick? This is a menage themed, 27k word romance novella with an HEA. Please be aware, there is violence and strong language through out. There may be possible triggers for some readers due to the strong them of domestic violence. Other than that, this is a an adult romance of adults adulting in naughy ways with potty mouths and no verbal editor. If you're offended by any of that, this probably isn't the book for you!