What Daddy Doesn't Know

by Cherry Stryker

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Sara Clark is done with the idiot boys she dated in college, now she's ready to settle down with a real man, and she knows just the one she wants. The same one she's always wanted. She knows that it will be a struggle for Nick to put aside his guilt at the idea of betraying his friendship to her father, but if he can do it, this could be her very own real life fairy tale.

Can Nick Stanford allow himself to get involved with his oldest friend's only daughter? Even if she is a grown woman, Sara isn't the kind of girl to have a fling with for a night. No, she's the kind of woman he could find his forever with, as long as his buddy doesn't kill him first!

Their seemingly perfect union is nearly destroyed right from the beginning through an unfortunate series of events. But they better hurry up and figure out what they really want, because a condom mishap may make the decision for them. And does Daddy really need to know about that one?


"I gasp as tears fill my eyes, putting my hands over my heart as I distantly hear him say: "You are the light that chased out my darkness. You're the air that I breathe, and the music that fills my soul. Without you, my life has no meaning."

Note from Cherry: This is a full 40,00 word novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger. Warning: This book contains foul mouthed adults doing lots of tawdry adult type stuff together, so this is definitely for 18+ readers only due to mature content. Oh, and it's definitely NSFW, so don't say you weren't warned!