Christmas Cookies & Murder

by Caroline Chase

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What do you call a lawyer who fell down an elevator shaft?
A good start!

Sadly, in Chesapeake Pointe, this is no longer a joke.
Not after Brynn and Lisa find Franklin Elrod – noted town attorney – dead at his own Christmas party.
Who could have been responsible for such a heinous crime?
What could he have done to elicit such anger?

Well, maybe it was all the guilty people he got off with no jail time.
Or the women whose heart he broke.
Or the partners at his office he might have been cheating.

Short answer – potentially anyone in town.

But this time Brynn and Lisa are trying to stay out of the drama.
This time they want to let Alec Anders – local police hero and all around amazing guy – take the lead.
After all, it isn’t everyday that Brynn hosts her first big Christmas dinner.
She’s got to make a good impression on her parents.
Her new bakery. Her life. Alec…
It’s guaranteed her parents will meet him, and here’s to hoping her dad approves.
Alec will do his best to keep her safe, sure
But the killer is most likely watching Brynn…

And…it’ll be hard for her parents to approve of anything if she ends up dead!