Man Juice

by Alexis Angel

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If money can really buy happiness, I’m about to make you very, very happy.

They’ve always had to watch me at Club Expose.
I go through women like there’s no tomorrow.
And there actually is no tomorrow with them.
Only tonight.
I take them. Use them. Enjoy them.
I tease them.
Then I please them.
And afterwards, I don’t want to ever see them.

But then I go too far.
I shoot a bit out of control.
And they kick me out of Club Expose.
Now, not even all my billions of dollars are going to get me back in.
My handsome face and rock hard body aren't going to open those doors to the hottest nightclub in New York City.

There’s only one thing that will let me back in. Or rather…one person.

But the price she wants is higher than anything I’ve ever paid before.
To get back to paradise, I’ve got to pay something that might be too expensive…even for me.