The Punishment Tour

by Sophie Kisker

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Forgiveness can come only through pain…
Leina's planet is dying, and years ago when her people tried to claim a new planet, they were met with hostility by the aliens living there. Before being chased back to their barren world, her people managed one last desperate gamble which left a terrible legacy behind on the beautiful green planet. Twenty years later the aliens find they need the women of Leina’s planet to bear the children they cannot, and an uneasy alliance is formed.

Leina jumps at the chance to leave her home and make a fresh start, knowing she's going to be mated with one of the tall, dominant aliens to carry his children. The only problem is, she hasn't read the contract completely, and she's in for quite a surprise at the terms. And then there's this one alien who seems to be very interested in her from the start, though she finds his demand of obedience a little peculiar, especially when she's over his large lap for a spanking she is sure is entirely undeserved.

For Samiel, living on the green planet is no consolation after losing everyone he held dear. In his need to make a fresh start he signs up as an escort to the alien women who have been chosen for breeding, as they journey back to his planet. Almost immediately, one named Leina catches his eye. She's tiny, with a large attitude, and challenges him from the moment they meet, but he finds there's something about her that is irresistible. Something that might make him bend the rules just a little when it comes time to choose which women will be coming back with them.

The two species might need each other, but moving beyond hate is difficult. Leina finds that the aliens waiting for them on the lush planet have no intention of making it easy for the women to atone for the sins of their people. Before she can think about choosing a mate she must survive something called the Punishment Tour - tests of endurance and pain that will earn the forgiveness of the aliens and ensure acceptance among them. Only then will she find the home and the family she longs for in this new world.

This book is for adults who enjoy intense BDSM. It includes spankings and severe corporal punishments, and skirts the idea of consent, though it does not cross the line. There are a number of triggers, including stories of miscarriages, within.

Previously published as "The Penitents" in the anthology "Twist", and released by The Erotic Collective.