Judge by the Cover: High School, Drama & Deadly Vices

by Melissa Abigail

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Seventeen-year-old Haruna Catherine Mitsukai has three goals:
1. Be liked by everyone.
2. Graduate from Shady Glenn Academy (with Honours, of course).
3. Get accepted into UBC (along with Mani, the gorgeous, super-rich boyfriend)—and get out of Campbelton forever.

Ryu Debiru has only one:
1. Survive.

But some goals are difficult to achieve.

Especially when two teenagers who couldn’t be more different, couldn’t despise each other more are partnered with each other for a major high school English project. Although Haruna's goals are suddenly under threat by this unwelcome turn of events, Ryu’s priorities extend beyond the Academy.

That’s cause Ryu’s biggest assignment of all could mean the difference between life and death...