The Vicar's Bride

by Natasha Lockhart

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Sarah Montgomery has spent her entire life in a cottage on her uncle’s estate. At nineteen years old, she’s expected to marry and thus secure her future. Sarah is perfectly content with her life in rural England, but after considering what’s in her best interest, her parents and grandmother have decided to launch her into the marriage mart. Before she journeys to London, a family wedding disrupts the plans for Sarah’s first season. Sarah never imagined a simple introduction to one wedding guest could alter the course of her life. The only man she’s ever wanted has no means to support a wife. How can she fulfill her duty without betraying her own heart and the man she loves?

As the younger son of the Marquess of Belmonte, Lord Henry Garrick faces an uncertain future. Unlike his older brother, he must choose a noble profession in order to provide for his future family. His father wants him to join the army; however, free to choose his own destiny, Henry has chosen faith over fighting. When he crosses paths with a beautiful young woman in the English countryside, he discovers the one person who makes every mountain worth climbing.