Sanctuary: Finding Home Book 2

by Sophie Kisker

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Hiding among the estate's servants may be her only chance to stay alive.
When Jenny Aldriss' family is murdered, she knows the only person who can keep her safe is her father's best friend, Daniel Weiss. But even within the walls of his estate, safety is no guarantee. Jenny must pretend to join the circle of women who serve there as voluntary prisoner servants. Trained by Master Ryan, guided by Liz, and secretly watched over by Michael, Jenny finds a strength within that sustains her when circumstances catapult them all back into danger.

Jenny's story is woven in with Liz and Ryan's continuing journey as they discover that sometimes love can be standing right next to you for years, if you can only admit out loud what your heart already knows.

This story has a HEA ending, and elements of BDSM including spanking, punishments both fun and intense, orgasm control, and just a little lighthearted F/F. There are also evil villains who do bad things, so please begin reading only if you enjoy books with warning labels.