Refining Fire: Finding Home Book 3

by Sophie Kisker

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One has chosen to remain a captive, the other must become the leader of her people.
Jenny and Liz are free at last. Liz has taken the first tentative steps back into the world while choosing to submit in private to the man who has mastered her heart. Jenny is thrown into the chaos of a province at war and a people who desperately need her to step into the role a woman has never played in their history. Together with Ryan and Michael, the four try to knit back together a country threatened by a madman who will stop at nothing to destroy them all.

Follow Jenny as she reclaims her birthright in spite of the evil that threatens her life and her family, and Liz as she learns to reclaim her independence, even if it costs her dearly. Each couple finds that not even the hottest of fires can destroy the love they have for each other in the end.

This book has a HEA ending, along with elements of BDSM including spanking, anal play, and delicious torments. It also contains evil characters who do very bad things. Please be sure you enjoy the darkness before you read this book