The Billionaire Replacement

by Emma Lea

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Declan was just being a nice guy. He saw a woman in need of assistance and he stepped in and pretended to be her fiancé. It was just the kind of guy he was; a knight in shining armour ready to rescue the damsel in distress. Yes, she was pretty - beautiful, gorgeous, a goddess - but he would have done it for anyone…probably. It was only fair that she return the favour when he found himself in need of a fake girlfriend. It wasn’t meant to go anywhere. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement and they both knew the rules going in. He wasn’t free to fall in love. There were…complications…that prevented him from pursuing her for anything more than just a fun time between adults. But you know what they say about best laid plans…

Brandi wanted it all - a career she loved, a happy home, the husband, the white picket fence, and the two-point-five kids. That was the dream. Unfortunately for Brandi when men looked at her they saw something other than a potential life partner, they saw an opportunity to tick something off their bucket list. Blonde, beautiful and bearing a striking resemblance to a certain famous blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll, Brandi was a Marilyn when she desperately wanted to be a Jackie. So when she met Declan and he treated her like a person instead of just a piece of arm candy, of course she was going to develop feelings for him. The only problem? Their little agreement. And then things got complicated…

*This is a ‘Too Hot to Handle’ romance on the Emma Lea rating scale - These are definitely 18+ reads and contain graphic sex scenes and high level swearing – not for the faint of heart.