Weaver of Dreams

by Chris Rosser


Lillian Kasparu thought the tapestry of her life was already woven. Contentment through marriage was hers for the taking, or so her father promised.

But when a chance encounter on the eve of her sixteenth birthday awakens her latent power, Lillian is forced to confront her family's dark past. As intrigue turns bloody, she finds herself at the centre of a desperate struggle and is seduced by a mysterious force that undermines the beliefs she holds closest to her heart.

In a land where women have little power and magic is punishable by death, Lillian must overcome the might of a Warrior Prince and the foundations of her faith. Can she harness her innate power in time to ensure the survival of her family and save the man she loves?

Weaver of Dreams is a dark, medieval fantasy that explores love and loss, loyalty and betrayal against a broad landscape of political conflict in a rich and vibrant world.