I. A. CRISPR: Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Genetic Engineering?

by L. A. Spangler

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“What do you mean the virus is designed to target Jews?”

Jacek is a fighter.

That means to save his sister, he combines Artificial Intelligence with gene editing, CRISPR CAS 9, to stop a genetic disease from killing her. Now, funding cuts threaten to eliminate his work.

One research assistant, a secret white nationalist, loves his country. He despises other races taking great jobs and desecrating his heritage. He has the final solution - racial extermination. After creating a virus in the lab, he can now execute his plan.

Now Jacek needs to choose ... crack the genetic code to save his sister or stop a race-ending virus?

What do you get when you mix Andromeda Strain, The Atlantis Gene, and i,Robot? You get I. A. CRISPR by L. A. Spangler