My Dirty Bet: An Alpha Male Comedy Short Story

by Grace Risata

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Join a motley crew of characters as they experience one night of adventure while out on the town. When one friend makes a wager that can't be refused...things start to get interesting. Watch as an alpha male competes with his friends to bag the most phone numbers and get bragging rights, as well as a giant wad of cash. Hilarity ensues and plot twists abound.Author's Note:  
This is a 5,00 word short story prequel to the 'My Dirty Detour' series. While this IS a prequel, it is an entirely STAND ALONE short story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.  IT DOES NOT HAVE A CLIFFHANGER!  After reading it, you will have a fondness for the characters but NOT get pissed off and think to yourself, "Now I need to buy the rest of her stuff to see what happens."  I would HATE if anyone did that to me, so I would NEVER do that to anyone else.  No other character information from the series is needed to understand this short story.
Please be advised that the characters do have an affinity for bad language, and swear words are plentiful in the short story.