Shadows Beneath the Falling Snow: An Elven King Prequel Story

by Cristina Rayne

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A holiday short story set two thousand years before the events chronicled in Claimed by the Elven King.
Originally published in the Kiss of Christmas Magic anthology. Contains strong adult content and language.

When an unprecedented visit from the Supreme Elven King, Kirion, disrupts elven princess Miriel's usual plans during the winter solstice, it's the least of her worries when a single touch by the powerful king could reveal a secret she and her family have desperately kept for over a hundred years. However, King Kirion has a few revelations of his own that could also change Miriel's life forever.

Elven King Series Reading Order
Shadows Beneath the Falling Snow (A Prequel Story)
Claimed by the Elven King: The Complete Edition (Book One)
Claimed by the Elven Brothers: Decision and Fate (Book Two)

The Sequel Series:

The Elven Realms
Memories of an Elven Prince (Nov 2017)
To Love an Elven Prince (Spring 2018)