Bad Boy Next Door: A rock star turned cowboy romance

by Savannah Skye

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My life was ripped to shreds by my own hand. Now that I’m in Leyton, Montana maybe I can finally find some peace. Too bad there’s no way that’s happening with Winter Rhyland prancing around in her halter top, cut-offs and cowgirl boots every f*cking day. If she wants to play with the bull, she’s going to get the horns, all right. Once. Maybe then I can focus on why I’m here. To forget who I was, and what I’d done…


I don’t like Max Blackbourne one bit. In fact, I might even hate him. He’s got a chip on his broad shoulder a mile wide and a crappy attitude to boot. But in Leyton, Montana, people treat neighbors like family. So when he needs help on his new ranch, I can’t bring myself to turn him away, even though I know he’s hiding a dark past that means nothing but trouble for this country girl who has a secret of her own…