Fog Lifted: An Epik Fantasy Short

by William Tyler Davis

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A ranger's duty is to protect the people of the realm... Only, who protects the rangers?A legendary monster lurks in the depths of the ocean.Collus, a ranger, and his companions quest across the continent in search of the beast. What they find is a village that has all but given into its murder. But like an iceberg, there’s more hidden under the metaphorical surface of the town than meets the eye.Fantasy meets myth in this short but epic tale. Fog Lifted is the first novella in a spin-off of the Epik Fantasy Series."Wait... A spin-off? But I haven't read the others?""Right, that's fine. And actually intentional. These events take place several months before Hero in a Halfling kicks off.""Oh, neat!" The Great Ranger TrilogyFog LiftedThe Vanishing Castle (November 2017)Chivalry's Lament (January 2018)