The Glass Heart

by LC Taylor

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Jesse's heart, an empty glass that was left cracked and broken when her husband Alex is killed in action. With the help of his brother, AJ, and his parents, Jesse is able to fight the sadness. AJ has always loved her - best friends since high school. But she married his brother. Now he has the chance to be there for her - and love her.

But when Alex is found alive a year later, Jesse finds herself caught between the love of two brothers - AJ and Alex. She thought Alex's death would be the hardest thing she'd ever go through. But choosing between the two men she loves, may just break her.

Jesse will have to make a choice - either the man who has her heart now or the one she gave it to first. Will she go back to Alex, and risk crushing the man who taught her to love again? Who will you root for in this love story? Whom will Jesse choose? Find out in The Glass Heart.

This is a Stand Alone Novel