Tales From The Sonali War: Year 1 of 5

by Pax Aeterna Press

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The Earth-Sonali War was the most destructive conflict of it’s time.
Nine billion lives were lost.
By the end, those left alive came to view the dead very simply.

It was a time of fear and turmoil.

Heroes were made. Villains were created.
The conflict changed the political landscape of known space.
It had reverberations for decades to come.

Now, for the first time, come explore the stories from the war.

From the Sonali soldier who spared a human child during a colony raid.
To the human intelligence operative who fell in love during war.

Eleven stories that detail the horrible atrocities of the first year of the war.
A collection that highlights the fruits of war...

Suffering for the victims.
Damnation for the survivors.