Spice Girls: Ginger

by Kat Crimson

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Ginger: That's me. It's more than just a name or hair color. It's in every cell and fiber of my being, and right now it’s manifesting as some serious road rage!

The most attractive, arrogant, alpha male a$$hole I've ever set eyes on has just tried to run me off the road. Then he has the nerve to flip me off! As if that weren't bad enough, he actually rolled down his window - not to apologize - but to ask me out on a date!!! Of all the…!

I swear, if I weren't busy trying to resurrect the family bakery, and save myself, and my four sisters, in the process, I would show him the meaning of Pissed Off Ginger! If I never see that a$$hole again, it’ll be much too soon! I hate him.

Ben: Gingers! Every. Damn. Time. They are my weakness, and I've (almost literally) just run into the ginger of my dreams. For me, it's love at first sight, but she hates my guts. I let her slip away, this time, but I swear I am going to find her and make her mine, if it’s the last thing I do.

Warning: this book is brimming with sugary sweet insta love, over-the-top sexual shenanigans, and almost too much explosive chemistry to be contained within such a quick read. HEA Guaran-damn-teed!