Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul (Emma's Saga)

by Shay Roberts

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♥ The sequel to this book, Heartblaze 2, is also available!

In your past life you were a legendary figure in a passionate relationship with a vampire. Now your enemies from that past have found you, determined to make you pay a terrible price for a life you lived more than 200 years ago!

EMMA RUE is an eager college freshman. For reasons she cannot understand, she attacks her professor in front of her stunned classmates. Desperate for answers, Emma goes to a psychiatrist who uses hypnotic regression to explore her troubled childhood. But when the regression goes too far, back into her past life, a remarkable revelation emerges that shatters Emma’s world. Suddenly on the run from powerful forces, Emma seeks out a shadowy figure from her past life…

JULIAN ST. FLEUR, the 18th-century vampire who transformed Emma’s soul. The beautiful and enigmatic Julian holds the key to Emma’s past, but will he help her? Two hundred years of loneliness have twisted him into a wicked creature and his reunion with Emma is unlike anything she had ever imagined. As Julian draws Emma into his heinous world, her only salvation may be…

STEFAN HILDEBRAND, a werewolf with legendary combat skills who is posing as a fellow student. Stefan’s feelings for Emma are real, but his powerful masters have ordered him to kill her! As the mystery of Emma’s past unravels, Stefan must make a choice, sacrifice Emma or listen to his heart.

Who do you trust, Julian or Stefan? Or do you go your own way?

How will you survive in a paranormal world unlike anything you have ever imagined?

Hop onto this emotional roller coaster and brace yourself for a stunning climax!

A fast-paced paranormal thriller told from multiple points of view...

Are you a fan of: Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, The Vampire Chronicles, The Wolves of Mercy Falls, The Mortal Instruments, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, or Daughter of Smoke & Bone? If so, grab your copy of Heartblaze now!


Is this book appropriate for all ages?

No. The story is not appropriate for children. It is written for adults, young adults, and mature teens.

How is the novel structured? What is the point of view? What kind of ending does it have?

The book has over 60,000 words. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a main character. The point of view is first person (as if inside the character’s head) and in present tense (as it is happening). The chapters are relatively short and the book moves quickly. There is no big cliffhanger at the end, but there are some remaining plot threads that lead into the second book. This novel does NOT have a sad, disappointing, or frustrating ending.

What genre is this?

It is often described as a paranormal suspense thriller, though some prefer to call it supernatural suspense, paranormal romance, paranormal urban fantasy, or even young adult. The book is part of a paranormal fiction series that can also be described as a vampire romance series. It has much of what you would find in vampire suspense or a vampire thriller, but there are also elements of werewolf romance. It is important to note that the novel is full of action and scares, and the romance is handled in a way that will appeal to both male and female readers.

What types of creatures are in the novel?

Quite a number: vampires, werewolves, werebears, ghosts, witches, and fae (fairies, fey, fay, faeries). All of them are portrayed in new and unique ways. For example, these are contemporary werewolves or shifters who channel animal spirits. The fae are depicted as elusive creatures of the past and do not play as prominent a role as seen in some faery books.