Jizziebelle: Belle of the Burlesque

by Kat Crimson

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Watch the transformation as shy and reclusive Jocelyn Belle sheds her inhibitions, along with her clothing, on the stage of Hardwood's Burlesque, becoming Jizziebelle, in this ugly duckling romance full of adventure and plenty of action!

Jocelyn's shy nature and a series of personal tragedies have turned her into a virtual shut-in. The only action she's seen in years is between the pages of one of her own erotic novels. But it's time for that to end.

Practically overnight, Jocelyn transforms her depressing life, in one daringly impulsive, alcohol fueled move that propels her out of the house and onto the dance stage - dominating it in her undies!

Ryan Mastersen is way more than just the money he was born with, even if most people can't see past it, or the full sleeve of tattoos decorating his deliciously defined arms. He stepped away from his family's business to build a fortune of his own, investing in others - beginning with Hardwood's Burlesque. He is also an avid fan of Jocelyn's steamy writing.

Fate brings them together and proves, once again, that opposites attract. Their initial meeting is incendiary, taking the law of attraction to explosive new levels of heat as their magnetic chemistry sets the stage for Jocelyn's sexual awakening and the transformation begins.

No taboo sex fantasy is too kinky to explore as Jocelyn and Ryan switch it up in the bedroom and play around with who's on bottom and who's on top. Jocelyn will try her hand at sensual female domination as Ryan finds out if he's cut out for part-time male submission.

** First Time on Stage Leads to Taboo Sex with Biggest Fan! Jizziebelle is a no holds barred, steamy adventure, hot enough to melt your kindle. Flame retardant case recommended for safe reading. You have been warned. Happy ending guaranteed! **