Mystic Valley Shifters: Volume One

by LC Taylor

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This is VOLUME ONE of the Mystic Valley Shifters. It contains the following books: Woven: Book One &Wretched: Book Two
PLUS as a BONUS I have included the NOVELLA Woven: Book 1.5. A NEVER RELEASED MINI Story that follow's Dylan and Jensen as they navigate their new relationship. AVAILABLE ONLY in VOLUME ONE of Mystic Valley Shifters

Book One:
Dylan’s parents were taken from her in a terrible crash – she thought her life was destined to be filled with heartbreak. Determined to just survive the gaping hole left by her parent's death her heart, she ignores the attraction she feels for the new guy in school. Her guilt telling her it's soon to have feelings for anyone. But it’s harder than she expected... Jensen calls out to her soul and ignites something inside of her. On the heels of her eighteenth birthday, a family secret will be exposed, revealing who or what she is destined to become.

Jensen's the hot new guy in school. He moved into town when his mother took over as the headmaster in the school in Mystic Valley. He can’t resist the temptation of Dylan. But he’s a shifter and doesn’t understand why his wolf wants a human. Jensen's family were once the pack leaders of Mystic Valley. The pack was forced to leave Mystic after a rival pack viciously attacked them twenty years ago, in an attempt to claim their land. Jensen has no idea he was destined to be the Alpha of Mystic Valley – or that Dylan is a shifter like him.

Dylan's parents died taking the family secret of what she truly was with them.... that she was a wolf shifter. And not just any wolf shifter - she’s the most powerful shifter to exist. When an old enemy comes back to claim Dylan for himself, the truth of who she is will be revealed… But will it be in time to save herself or those she loves?

Book 2:
Haven fought to help his niece Dylan save her destined mate from the clutches of a past enemy. Ending the long rival came with a price, he had to sacrifice himself to save Tessa, his destined mate, from death. He tried to tell Tessa she was meant for him, but she refused to listen, telling him to stay away. When Tessa’s injured during the fight to help Dylan, Haven doesn’t hesitate to save her. Even if she won’t love him back, he would gladly give his life to save hers.

Now trapped in the wretched prison he’s made for himself in the in-between, Tessa must come to terms with what she’s been denying all along – that Haven is her destined mate. Guilt over being alive while Haven lays comatose, Tessa vows to do whatever it takes to save him… Even if that means her own life.

Tessa finds Haven in the in-between – determined to bring him back to the land of the living. But will she save him in time to save herself? When Haven wakes from his coma the battle for their love really begins, as Tessa becomes trapped in her own wretched prison. Tessa will have to solve the mystery making her wolf sick and save herself or risk losing everything.

Will their love be enough to save them both or will it be too late for Tessa and Haven? Find out in the second installment of the Mystic Valley Shifters.

**Some Adult Content ~ Intended for Mature Audiences**

This can be read as a stand-alone novel; however, it’s the conclusion to a cliffhanger introduced in book one: Woven. Several of the characters mentioned in this book were introduced in the first book.

Be sure to watch for book three: Willing (Coming Soon) that will follow Carly and Paul, characters mentioned in Book one and two!