Beautiful Mine

by Jordyn White

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Love hasn’t been enough to make him commit in the past. Will it be enough now?

I met Connor Rivers in the most unlikely of places—on the Camino pilgrimage in Spain. For three days, we lost ourselves in an impassioned love affair. He made it clear it wouldn’t last, and I accepted it. I went home to California knowing Connor is a restless spirit who can’t be captured by anyone.

Even me.

I managed to save myself from falling in love with him the first time. But when we meet again almost a year later, in the wake of his family’s horrible tragedy, everything’s different.

He’s living in California helping his siblings run their luxurious Rivers Paradise Resort.

His wanderlust threatens to destroy his family’s fragile stability.

And his power over me is a force I can no longer resist.

I tried not to fall in love with Connor Rivers, but it’s too late. Now I can only wonder if love is enough. Or if we’re destined for another gut-wrenching goodbye.

BEAUTIFUL MINE is a standalone that kicks off the Beautiful Rivers contemporary romance series. If you like Melanie Harlow, Lauren Blakely, and Staci Hart, you’ll love Jordyn White’s sexy, heartfelt new series.