Jack Frost

by Angela Blake

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I’ve been icy cold. But this Christmas I’m going to melt her heart.

He was so cold for so long.
That frosty son of a b*tch.
We could’ve had a life together.
Me and Doctor Frost.
He hurt me. Bad.
Could there still be feelings there?
After everything?

Then gifts start arriving at my door.
A secret admirer?
Could it be?
Jack, my ex…

I made a mistake.
I’m a cold-hearted jack*ss.
I pushed her away and it kills me.
But it’s Christmas.
A time for second chances.
And my frosty side is melting.

My icicle is hard for her.
It’s all I can think about.
I want to get on her good side.
In that warm and inviting place.
And when I get what I want this Jack Frost is gonna thaw.