Touch Me

by Kayla C. Oliver

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“I could feel my cheeks burning up; the back of my neck grew hot under his steady gaze. My lips felt dry; there were goosebumps on my arms. The longer he looked at me, with his perfect bone structure and totally kissable lips, the more agitated I got. The mixed emotions of being annoyed with his attitude and at the same time being filled with desire for a man with the most delicious body had overwhelmed my mind.”

Heidi McNeil is determined to make her business work. She moved to Brunswick to open her cafe and to get away from the drama of LA. Her plan was working. In just one year she was running a successful business, till a dangerously handsome stranger starts a fist fight in her cafe and she has to throw him out for scaring her customers.

Rhett Larkin moved to Brunswick to start a new life. As one of the partners of a successful shipping company, at a very young age he managed to become the poster child of the self-made man and appear on the cover of Fortune Magazine. But his newfound fame invited more trouble than praise. This is especially a problem because he can’t get the owner of a small, local cafe out of his head.