The Art of Lust

by Kayla C. Oliver

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Missy is sassy, self-sufficient, and hates to play games. Mason is a playboy billionaire with a real knack for angering his exes. Will one hot, steamy yoga instruction leave them wanting more or will they run for the hills?

Missy Caldwell was all hopped up on the idea of success when she graduated from NYU. But after realizing a career in business in New York City was like finding a needle in a haystack, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Using the inheritance her mother and father left when they passed away years before, Missy started Zen Fitness, an interactive yoga and personal training studio in the Art District. Her drive for success and her fear of relationships has kept her quiet and alone for many years.

Mason Phillips grew up the child of the famous Phillips, a group predominantly popular in the sixties and early seventies. Understanding the music business from the time he was old enough to walk, Mason decided after college that his destiny was in the industry. Ten years later, Mason owns one of the most lucrative recording labels in the world, and he is just getting started. With his drive to succeed and his billionaire status, he keeps his heart closed and playboy status on high.

When Mason stumbles across Zen Fitness to help him control the stress in his life, he also stumbles upon Missy, the flexible, hot as hell, and sassy yoga instructor. They both play the game, avoiding eye contact, trying not to flirt, but after a few drinks and some really steamy yoga sessions, both of them find there is more to this than meets the eye. Will Mason’s drive to succeed push Missy away, or will Missy’s fear of relationships keep Mason chasing with no end? How hot can one yoga studio really get?