by Angela Blake

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It’s Christmas. A time for indulgence.
And I want a taste of that sweet Sugarplum.

I’m not really one for the holidays.
And picking up at parties isn’t usually my thing.
But when I see a sexy woman in distress, I have to play the hero.
It’s my thing.
Then I realise it’s my ex.

She’s wrapped up like a present just for me.
There’s history there. Hidden under that tight, holiday dress.
But it’s Christmas.
Snow, shimmering lights and carols everywhere.
A time for second chances.

Bells are ringing.
And all I wanna do is ring her bell.
Put her on my knee.
Get under that dress.
Unwrap my gift, nice and slow.
Get a taste of Christmas.
And indulge in that sweet, dripping, sugarplum.