Malediction of the Heart: A Paranormal Romance Novelette

by Alyssa Breck

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Archaeologist Olive Prentiss lives for the thrill of the dig. When her less-than-honorable father makes a shady business deal, Olive is forced to commit the cardinal sin of stealing from an Egyptian tomb. The Heart of Amenken is the only thing that will save her father from the wrath of billionaire art collector Xavier Wells. Olive’s instincts warn her to stay away from him and abandon the plan. But since she’s had the scarab in her possession, the attraction between them is undeniable and she can’t shake the constant feeling of déjà vu.

Xavier Wells’s desire to possess the heart scarab isn’t merely driven by greed. The relic ties him to his tragic past. The longer Olive holds the heart, the closer it brings her to him. He could have any woman he wants, but he has his sights set on only one. Olive doesn’t know it, but she is the missing key to fulfilling a dark destiny that he will stop at nothing to realize.