Summerwind Magick - Advanced Reader Copy

by Rick Bettencourt

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A bully’s been tormenting her for years. A witch is the medium. An actress the victim.

After Carolyn wrecks her singing career, she and her best friend Michael set out to New England for a spellbinding adventure—a complex brew of suspense, drama, and the supernatural spiced with a dose of humor and fun.

Rising talent Carolyn Sohier dreams of breaking into the spotlight and achieving the kind of stardom her father—a deceased hippy-musician—could never realize. But severe stage fright relegates her to singing backup and making cheesy television commercials. Carolyn can’t seem to tap into the energy trapped deep inside her and show her talent to the world. Self-doubt plagues her worse than the demon she vomits up on stage at Radio City Music Hall. Now, the creature follows her around the set of her first feature film—Witches of Salem—being shot on location in New England.

Salem resident Rebecca Farney longs for acceptance in the Official Witch of Salem’s coven and recognized as a real witch. Despite the community’s protest, Rebecca can’t pass up a chance to be part of the movie and turn Witches of Salem into a camp hit like her favorite television show Bewitched. Perhaps casting a spell on the film’s actors and crew could win her recognition from the Salem coven…

Michael, Carolyn’s best friend, has spent a lifetime protecting the star and bolstering her ego. Yet all the money he and his partner—a software tycoon from Seattle—have, can’t shield her from what’s about to happen…