A Shifter's Fevered Heart: An M/M Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance

by Chloe Adler

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Distant Edge: a sanctuary for the supernatural in a Southern California paradise. Here, I’ve got a roof over my head a mile from the beach. I’ve got a bartending job that pays the bills and then some. And I’ve got roommates who love and accept me, Jared Weks, for the slutty gay shape-shifter I am.

So why does it feel like I’m dying of thirst in a salt-water sea?

Because beneath the Edge’s happy veneer is an undertow of homophobia, classism, and hate. Because my family was smashed apart by evil zealots bent on wiping my kind from the earth. Because even in the middle of an orgy, I am alone, adrift, and drowning in anger.

So when Alec Wong blows into town, soothing and beguiling and fleeing from the very same monsters that drove me here, I’m more than ready to be his shelter from the storm. But the tide of violence that brought Alec ashore stirs up secrets from my past best left buried in the depths. Loving Alec is easy, but keeping him by my side may be impossible when the killers he escaped are even closer now—and I invited them in.

This is Book Three in the Love on the Edge Series, a paranormal romance with an HEA. It can be read as a standalone but if you read them in order, you'll get to delve into the characters without any spoilers! None of the books end in cliffhangers. This story is a steamy page turner with LGBTQ appeal. Each book in the 4 book series follows a different feisty hero or heroine. Come live on the edge.