A Vampire's Wicked Hunger: An Urban Fantasy Multiple Mayhem Paranormal Romance

by Chloe Adler

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Burgundy Rosales, Latina, vampire, and Daddy’s girl, has watched all of her roommates get hitched. She's happy for them. Or at least she’s trying to be. But she also mourns the loss of her polyamorous relationship with her closest friends. So when Tiyah, the new erotic dancer at work, asks Burgundy to help her husband, Elijah, explore his darker side, Burgundy can’t say yes fast enough. As a Dominatrix, Burgundy has no trouble teaching the sexy couple just how to please her.

Surprisingly, what was supposed to be just a distraction from loneliness grows into something more. Even more shocking, her recently divorced father moves to the Edge for work, just as she’s always wanted. But what should be a dream come true turns into a smothering nightmare when her father’s new family tags along. Soon, her father has pitted the town against werewolves, his fiancée against his daughter, and Burgundy against her lovers. Fathers are supposed to love their daughters forever, but Burgundy is so tired of being alone. If blood runs thicker than water, how can this vampire ever choose the love of strangers over family?

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This is Book Four, the final saga in the Love on the Edge (Paranormal Romance) Series and is #MultipleMayhem a Multiple Mayhem book. Each book in the series has an HEA. There are no cliffhangers and though you can read each as a standalone it'll be more fun if you read them in order. This story is a steamy page turner, with LGBTTQQIAAP, ménage, and lesbian romance appeal. Each book in this series follows a different feisty hero or heroine. Come - live on the edge.