Ash Girl: Curvy Witch Cinderella

by Q. Zayne

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Captivity is only the beginning.
An abused mixed-blood daughter of a secret witch. A freedom-loving warrior prince. A powerful bruja in the underworld.
[Planned publishing date: December 3. Presale date is later due to the unpredictable nature of travel.]
This adult version of Cinderella is for mature readers 18+. It’s a New Adult Fantasy with an abduction and dungeon scene, among other edgy things. It features a biracial curvy heroine breaking free of abuse to seek her prince—and grow into the magic of her heritage.

It’s difficult enough to rise from the ashes and make it to the palace for a ball. Having to find the prince at a masquerade is a bit much. Plus, Ash discovers her mother’s legacy of forbidden witch powers. If she’s truly a bruja, she may be able to regain her freedom. But the magical woman sets a curfew on her quest—and her stepmother sets her up for death.
Ash must gain the prince's protection before her time runs out.
But an aggressive man storms her body and her heart. She needs the prince, but loves the stable hand who makes her burn. The fate of the kingdom and her people depend upon her choice.

This is a high-heat steamy romance with respect. Contents may be triggering or disturbing for some readers due to brief mentions of abuse and violence, and the context of conquest and oppression. Ash Girl isn’t exceptionally dark, and all the hot parts are consensual.

Q. Zayne has published more than fifty edgy books, and has been exploring the Yucatan and the Caribbean for more than a year. Zayne's fiction celebrates sensuality, body image acceptance, diversity, ancient cultures, DS, sacred rites, the underworld, ESP, fated love, redemption, and connections with the unseen. This is an intimate book for adventurous readers.

Welcome to a world of outsiders with heart.

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