Home for Christmas

by Lina Langley

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Rory Krueger has been living out of a hotel in Sunrise Sands for a few days and is looking forward to going home for Christmas, in a real house. But before he can leave, his room is robbed. His
Officer Spencer Crane loves his job protecting the people of Sunrise Sands—especially the locals. He has to take even the most minor offenses seriously, so when a guy in town reports a suspicious sounding theft while staying at the hotel that his best friend runs, Spencer has to take the case. It might take him away from some of his most serious work, but he’s helping his best friend and it doesn’t hurt that the guy is nice to look at.
When the case starts taking up more of his time and keep getting weirder and weirder, Spencer finds himself enjoying spending time with this stranger. But he needs to go home and Spencer has to help him find his way there. That’s his job. And his job is the most important thing to him... or at least it used to be.
This story is approximately 20,000 words in length and contains adult language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for adults.