Farfel and Bob's Summer Bromance

by Kendra Carmichael

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Praise for Farfel and Bob's Summer Bromance"It was cat-love at first read." - Christine L., Constantly Moving the Bookmark

"...a fun journey into the psychology of cat owners and their feline charges." - Patricia T.

"This book is for cat lovers everywhere! I loved it." - W. Rathbone
Illustrated cat books for cat ladies--or cat men!

Marcia is Bob's human. Bob's a cat; gray, short-haired, and super soft. He's utterly devoted to his favorite cat lady. In return, Marcia gives him lots of love, tuna, and belly rubs to die for.

Suddenly, Farfel's dead "presents" start appearing on Bob's doorstep. Farfel thinks he's doing his best work. Marcia is horrified. Bob gets the blame!With the corpses piling up, Marcia's patience is wearing thin--and it wasn't even Bob's fault. But what can he do? He can't speak or defend himself. And now she's gone and brought in a pet psychic to make matters worse!

Will Bob survive the summer? Will Marcia finally learn that he's innocent? Will Farfel ever stop leaving those darn trophies on the front porch?

Get your paws on this purrrfectly funny story right now!